Saturday, 2 May 2015

Starling Update

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a pair of Starlings that have built a nest in a nestbox on the side of my house (see here). At the time, I wrote that the birds had just started to incubate a clutch of eggs, and speculated that the chicks would hatch sometime around about now! Well, on Thursday evening I got home from work and could hear noise coming from the nestbox. I had a quick look in this evening and got this picture.
                                                                      Starling chicks

If you click on the photo you should be able to count 5 yellow mouths or gapes, which the young birds use to encourage their parents to feed them. I've been providing mealworms fpr them, so hopefully this will give the chicks abit of a headstart.

Unfortunately, the weather has taken a turn for the worse this afternoon, and started to rain. The rain is forecast to continue through the night and into the morning, so I'm keeping everything crossed that the parents can do a good job at keeping them warm and dry tonight.

As always, I'll add this development to the BTO's Nestboxes Challenge website.

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