Wednesday, 20 May 2015

All Gone!

I've been listening to the Starling box all week for the moment that everything goes quiet.. and today was that day.

I checked yesterday and got this photograph. You can just about make out 5 fully feathered young birds.

Starlings- ready to fledge

When I got in today I couldn't hear any noise coming from the box , so I checked again and here's what I found - an empty box. Hurrah!!

Empty nest

I saw 3 juvenile Starlings in the garden this morning, feeding on the mealworms that I put out at this time of year. None of these birds were ringed, but now that I know "my" birds have fledged I'll be looking out for them in the morning. Hopefully I'll get some photos for the blog. I'll add this final record to the BTO's Nestbox Challenge website, and, if I'm very lucky, I'll start a new one when the adult birds start a new nest!

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