Sunday, 24 May 2015

Starling Resighting

A couple of weeks ago I ringed a brood of 5 Starlings that had been raised in the box on the side of my house (see here). The birds fledged from the nest on 20th May (see here), and, although the garden has been full of Starlings every day, including 16 juveniles yesterday, I'd not seen any of the ringed birds.... until today.

Juvenile Starling

Whilst watching the garden for the BTO's Garden Birdwatch this morning I spotted one and then a second ringed bird. Now the chance of the birds having been ringed elsewhere was pretty slim, (I've never seen a ringed bird in my garden despite watching it every week since 1995!), but I still needed to get some proof that these were in fact "my" birds, so out came the camera.

After roughly an hour, and a lot of frustration, I managed to get photos of both birds' rings, giving me enough of the ring numbers to see that I did in fact have two of the birds ringed in the box, numbers LE57022 and LE57024. Here are a couple of the best pictures showing the last 2 digits of the rings.

Ring number LE57022

Ring number LE57024

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