Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Deep Dale

On Monday it was a bank holiday, and the weather was bright and sunny, so I went out to Deep Dale in the Peak District for a walk with  my family. The site is managed by Plant Life, and contains many species of  plant including many Early Purple Orchids and Cowslips.

Early Purple Orchid
Unfortunately, we were a little early as most of the flowers were just coming out, so a return trip in a few weeks would be useful!!

As well as the flowers, we also spotted a black Rabbit. I've never seen one before, but apparently they are not that uncommon, and the area around Deep Dale is, according to the Derbyshire Mammal Group, a known "hotspot" for them. Here's a picture.

Black Rabbit

Whilst there, we also managed another "year tick" with a singing Garden Warbler heard by the entrance to the reserve.

Year List update:
130 - Garden Warbler

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