Sunday, 27 May 2012

Farm Walk number 2 and a sunbathing Mr White!

Got up early again today and went off to a farm near Worksop to carry out the second of this year's survey walks for the RSPB's Voluteer and Farmer Alliance scheme. The sun was shining and, after a coolish start, it warmed up to produce a lovely walk with 32 species counted, including 5 species.

Skylarks and Yellowhammers were well represented, but the best bird of the day for me was the Tree Sparrows that were present around the farm buildings and in the hedgerows. I took this picture of a wonderful Ash tree and hedgerow just to give you an idea of what the farm looks like.

Ash tree and Hawthorn hedge

I didn't see any Grey Partridge on the farm today, but I did spot this confused looking bird feeding by the road side on the drive across. Very unusual sighting!

Grey Partridge

When I got home I spent the day in the garden and managed to get this shot of "Mr White" subathing on the lawn. Good to see he's still going strong. Also spotted a Tree Bumblebee in the garden today, a first!

Mr White

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