Saturday, 5 May 2012

3 more nests and a snow shower!

Rain stopped play on Wednesday whilst checking the nestboxes at Linacre, so when I went down this morning I checked he remaining boxes and found another 3 with eggs in; one a brood of 6, one of 7 and one of 1. As before, none of the eggs were being incubated and all appeared to be Blue or Great Tits.

Colourful nest!

As I walked around the site I also saw 2 of the 3 Mallard ducklings from Wednesday, 5 Swallows, including one with quite a lot of white in the feathers, 14 Tufted Ducks, 11 Coots, 3 Moorhens, 1 Grey Wagtail, 1 Great-crested Grebe and 4 Linnets which were feeding on dandelions by the top reservoir. A gorgeous male Siskin was singing around the Larch trees as well. I've recorded them singing here before, but haven't yet managed to record any other evidence of breeding.


Mallard ducklings

When I arrived on site this morning the temperature gauge was showing 2 degrees. It had risen to 5 degrees by 8am, but that still didn't stop the snow shower that blew in as I was standing on the top reservoir!

Snow flurries in May - nice!

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