Saturday, 26 May 2012

2 Year ticks, 3 pulli ringed and 3 new eggs.

I woke up early this morning, so I decided to pop up to Linacre to refill the feeders in the new ringing site. They were all completely empty, so we know that they're being used by something at least. On the way back home I stopped by the main entrance to see if I could find the Little Owl that's been reported a couple of time recently. As I walked along the drive I spotted one fly into one of the Oak trees. I walked along a bit further, but I couldn't spot it again. Anyway, it was good to see it and add it to the Year List.

After Linacre I popped out with Sorby Breck ringers again to our site in Sheffield, where we ringed a brood of Great Tits. We also popped into a new site for me, Burrs Woods near Barlow in Derbyshire, where we ringed another brood of Great Tits. One of the boxes contained a Nuthatch nest, but the bird was still on eggs so no "ringing tick" today. Whilst walking around the woods we did however, spot a Spotted Flycatcher, which was my second year tick of the day. Very nice.

Last, but definitely by no means least, I'm really happy to say that the Starlings in the box on the side of my house now have 3 new eggs, so I'm keeping everything crossed that they continue to thrive. I've added the new arrivals to the Nestbox Challenge website.

Starling eggs

Year List moves on by 2 new species:
135 - Little Owl
136 - Spotted Flycatcher

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