Monday, 5 August 2019

Derbyshire Chough!!!!

News broke yesterday that a Chough had been discovered at Windgather Rocks on the Cheshire/Derbyshire border. This is the first ever record of this species for Derbyshire, so I had to pop across to see it.

The bird was present and "showing well" down to approximately 20m, as it fed on a sheep-grazed piece of land in Cheshire. Within a few minutes, the bird flew up and over me and the small group of admirers(!), and landed on the rocks behind us.... in Derbyshire!


It then flew back into Cheshire, and promptly disappeared over the hill! 15 minutes later it reappeared and landed back in the original field and fed for the next hour or so, before I left at 1pm. Here are a few photos.

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  1. Hi, I'm glad you got to see one there. We holidayed in Hathersage 12-19 May 2018 and spotted a clough a couple of times out the window. It drove us a bit nuts as we couldn't find any record of them being in the area but it was the only possible match. I also couldn't really find anywhere to report it, not particularly being twitchers. It seemed impossible to contact the Hope Valley Bird Watching Club without being able to go to one of there meetings. I'm able to give more details of our sighting if you have any recommendations of how and where we should do so. Thanks, and so glad there has been other sightings in the area. :)