Sunday, 31 January 2016

Mute Swan Update

Last weekend I blogged about an unusual "polish" Mute Swan I'd seen at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire (see post here). Well, today I received an email from the person who is studying the distribution and ecology of this bird, confirming that it is indeed a "polish" bird. He also stated that, apart from a bird in Shetland that he knows about, this is the only record, so far, of a "polish" bird outside of SE England.

In his email, he asked if I'd try and catch up with this bird in the summer to see whether it breeds with a "normal" Mute Swan and what colour the resulting off spring are. Apparently, "polish" Swans produce young that are all white instead of the more usual grey.

Again, an update will come in the summer.


  1. Hello Peter. Sorby Breck have colour ringed a fair few thousand Mute Swans over the last ten years, including a good number of Polish Mute Swans too. There are at least two families in our swan study area that produce Polish offspring too. If our data can be of any use i'd be happy to pass it on. Dan

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