Sunday, 29 September 2013

Return to Chatsworth

The sun was shining again yesterday, so, after a morning ringing session in Sheffield, where we caught 18 birds including a Chiffchaff and a Blackcap, I went out to Chatsworth House for another look around the sculptures again, this time with my son and his girlfriend, father in law, wife and daughter!

Whilst there, I was drawn to the flowers where I managed to spot a few butterflies (Comma x 1, Small Tortoiseshell x 3, Speckled Wood x1, Small White x 1, Small Copper x 1 and Silver Y moth x 3) and 5 species of hoverfly. Here are a few photos:

Small Copper
Syrphus ribesii
Helophilus pendulus
Eupeodus luniger
I think the hoverflies are all correctly identified. The last one, Eupeodus luniger, is a "lifer" for me!

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