Sunday, 22 September 2013

Adder, Fox Moth and Black Darter

Following yesterday's WeBS walk I managed to get out again and enjoyed a lovely walk with Jayne on Big Moor.

The sun was shining, and in just over an hour, we spotted my first ever Adder, a beautiful female, that unfortunately managed to slither away into the undergrowth before I could photograph it. Thanks Jayne for your excellent "spot".

We also had several Black Darter dragonflies, including several pairs "in tandem" and "ovipositing" (egg laying), into nearby Little Barbrook reservoir. I managed to photograph both males and a female.

Male Black Darter
Female Black Darter
On the way back to the car we spotted this Fox Moth caterpillar. Fox Moths are common moths, often found heath and moorland. The adult moths fly between May and June, but the larva feed until September and then overwinter on or just beneath the ground under moss or leaf litter. They then emerge in the following spring and pupate. See here for more details, including pictures of the adult moths.
Fox Moth caterpillar

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