Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Yorkshire Red Kites

Back in 1999 a project was started to reintroduce Red Kites back into Yorkshire. The site chosen for the reintroductions was the Harewood Estate on the outskirts of Leeds. The scheme was a great success and this site is now one of the best and easiest places in our area to see Red Kites. I went up with Jayne today and we managed to see four individual birds including 2 birds that were flying low over the treetops calling to each other. One very kindly perched up in a tree for a few minutes and I managed to digiscope this image.

Red Kite

More information about the scheme can be found here. Here's one more picture of one of the birds flying over head, showing the very distinctive fork-shaped tail. Lovely birds!

Flying Red Kite

Year List update:

98: Red Kite

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