Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Linacre Owlfest

Last week I heard from one of the Rangers at Linacre that a Tawny Owl had been spotted leaving one of the "owl boxes" that we put up last year (see here). The box in question was too high to reach with the normal ladders, so, after managing to get hold of some taller ones, I went to check the box today with the hope of finding some eggs or young. The adult bird was present again this morning, but, on inspection, the box was found to be completely empty! Hopefully the bird will stay on territory this year and produce young next Spring. Here's a photo that my nephew, Luke took.

Tawny Owl in flight

Whilst checking the box and filling up the feeders at the ringing site, a small flock of 4 Greylag Geese flew overhead, the second record of the year and the highest count by far. Who knows, perhaps this year could be the year for them to breed?

On the drive in 2 Little Owls were sitting in their favourite tree again. They were seen together and a noticeable size difference was noted. Again, here's a photo from Luke.

Little Owls

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