Saturday, 16 March 2013

Like London Buses...

Books that is, not birds.

Back in October last year I spotted two new books that I thought would make lovely Christmas presents for yours truly. I ordered both and waited for their arrival. 5 months later and both arrived within two days of each other. Happy Christmas.

The first to arrive was a super book describing the story behind the reintroduction of Ospreys to Rutland Water in Leicestershire.

The book is full of amazing photographs, sketches and information from a range of different people who have been, or are still, involved in the project and is well worth a read.

The second book is another excellent, if not somewhat different book, in that this one is a field guide, which will, hopefully, help me identify all those pesky hoverflies I've got photos of.

The book, imaginatively called British Hoverflies, is the newest in a series of field guides from an excellent company called Wild Guides. It has over 500 colour photographs and covers 165 of the most easily identifiable hoverfly species found in Britain. Now all I've got to do is trawl through my photographs and identify them all. Who knows, I might even blog about some, if and when I've put names to them- lucky you!!

Both books are definately worth a look. The Osprey one can be ordered via the Rutland Osprey Project website and the hoverfly book can be bought directly from the Wild Guides website (see link above) or via this link.

Please have a look at the Osprey website especially, as it will keep you up to date with their work and there is also information about the birds that breed there, what they're doing at the moment (migrating north as we speak) and live web cams that will allow you to see the young birds as they grow later in the year.

No ringing today because of the rain this morning, so I thought you might like to see an awful picture that I took out of my kitchen window this morning of a Lesser Redpoll, a Siskin and a Goldfinch, having breakfast on my feeders.

Lesser Redpoll (bottom left), Siskin (male at the back) and Goldfinch (top right)

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