Saturday, 2 February 2013

Crossbills at Linacre!

After two weeks of enforced abstinence from ringing (weather related), I was really pleased to get out this morning to visit Linacre Reservoirs and get the nets up again. The morning started quietly, before a familiar "chipping "sound made me look up into a small tree to see 4 Crossbills, 2 brick-red males and 2 females! They then flew to a small ash tree before flying down for a drink and then disappearing into the distance.

I was just getting over the excitement and cursing for not taking any photos when the other 4 members of the group appeared from a net round with a very large smile on their faces. "Ringing tick for David!! - a Crossbill. This male bird ( a 5, born last year), was duly ringed and photographs were taken. An amazing new bird for David and a brilliant record for Linacre.

What a stunner!
Apart from this bird, the morning was pretty quiet with just another 16 birds ringed. This did, however, include a Great Tit wearing a B ring, which means it was ringed as a nestling. Hopefully this bird will turn out to be one of "ours" from the next boxes. If it is it'll be our first re trap from the 146 we ringed last year! I'll update when I find out. Also recorded this morning were Dunnocks, Robins, a Blackbird, a Nuthatch and Blue, Great and Coal Tits.

Away from the nets we recorded a hunting Kestrel, an over-flying Cormorant, several Woodpigeons and another "year tick;"a Little Owl that was seen in the oaks by the main entrance again.

Year List:
77 - Little Owl
78 - Crossbill

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