Saturday, 7 July 2012

That's more like it!

Following last week's quiet ringing session this morning saw the group out at a private site in Sheffield in near perfect conditions. 3 nets were set and during the morning, 22 birds were caught.

Species caught today were: Wren (juveniles), Blackbird (juveniles), Blue Tit (adult), Goldfinch(juveniles), Dunnock (juveniles), Whitethroat(1 juvenile), House and Tree Sparrow(adult and juveniles) and Great-spotted Woodpecker (1 juvenile). Unfortuntaely I'd forgotten to take my camera and I couldn't work out how to use my 'phone's camera, so no photos today!

What was really good to see was the number of juvenile birds present, so at least some birds have survived the recent terrible weather. Out of the 22 birds, I managed to ring or retrap 7, including one particular Tree Sparrow which was one that we had rung in the boxes that are present on this site. Hopefully we'll catch it again over the coming months.

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