Saturday, 14 July 2012

Baslow Sewage Farm

A return visit to Baslow Sewage Farm this morning was a big improvement on my last visit, with 22 birds of 6 species ringed, including two new species for me; House Martin and Jackdaw.

The House Martin was the second bird of the day and turned out to be a bird born last year. I'd read that they have feathered legs, but today's bird was my first chance to see it in the flesh- lovely!

House Martin

The other new bird, a Jackdaw, was one of four rung today. Mine was one of this year's birds, a 3J which had begun it's post juvenile moult and therefore became a 3JP! The picture below is one of the adults we rung. Note the silver hood and blueish iris.


Other birds rung today were: Swallow (all adults, no juveniles!), one juvenile Chaffinch, juvenile Grey Wagtails and several adult and juvenile Pied Wagtails

I'm off to Linacre tomorrow (at last), so hopefully I should be able to bring you some updatres from there.

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