Saturday, 21 April 2012

Two ringing ticks

Another brilliant ringing session this morning, this time in Sheffield, saw me add 2 new species to my "ringing list" with my first Blackcap ( a female) and a Nuthatch ( a male).


Blackcap (female)

As well as these two species I also managed to ring or retrap the following: Blackbird (1 retrap), Great Tit (1 retrap), Dunnock (1 retrap), House Sparrow ( 1 new bird).

Evidence of breeding activity included many birds with "brood patches", including this Great Tit and a Dunnock seen depositing faecel sacs from young in an unseen nest.

Great Tit with brood patch

Other species ringed or retrapped by the group today were: Tree Sparrow, Robin, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Yellowhammer and Blue Tit. Swallows were flying around the site, but evaded the nets.

A Mistle Thrush was present around the site singing, and did get in the nets at one point. Unfortuntaely he managed to get out again, before we got to him- drat!

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