Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ring Ouzel Success - Burbage Moor - 2nd April 2011

After a no show last week I decided to make a  return visit this morning with the hope of seeing Ring Ouzel. After about half an hour I heard a familiar sound and spotted one bird flying up the valley towards the edge. It didn't stop, but after another 10-15 minutes 3 birds were seen and heard chasing each other over the rocks. Unfortunately no photos today, as the birds were more interested in setting up territories than posing for me! Instead I've put in a picture of the edge itself- very nice.

Burbage Edge

Other birds present were Meadow Pipit and Wren (many birds singing and displaying), Stonechat (1 heard), Siskin, Fieldfare (8) and Linnet flying over,  Kestrel hunting, Red Grouse and Pheasant calling and several Carrion Crows and Jackdaws also flying over. A great start to a lovely day, but more about that later.

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