Sunday, 13 August 2017

Mute Swan Ringing

Last year I became aware that one of Sorby Breck Ringing Group's members was the founder of the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital. I also found out that he rings Mute Swan in and around Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Unfortunately I couldn't get out with him this year, so, when I saw the dates for swan ringing this year, I decided to meet up, and have a very different ringing experience.

I met up on Friday (11th) with 7 other members of the group and spent the whole day travelling around Yorkshire. We visited several sites where there were either pairs with cygnets, or, as in the case of Lakeside, Doncaster, where there was a large herd of mainly non-breeding birds. By the end of the day we'd ringed an amazing total of 58 Mute Swans, and re-sighted approximately 25 other birds that had been previously ringed by the group.

Birds were aged, sexed and a moult score was taken. A BTO metal ring, and a coloured darvic ring were also fitted by the licensed ringers, and the birds were then given a general health check by members of the Swan Rescue Group before being released back onto the water as a family group. Footage of the release of a family in Goole Docks can be seen here on the Group's Facebook page.  

BTO ring being fitted

Darvic ring being fitted

Should you re-sight any bird wearing  either a BTO ring or a coloured darvic ring please log your sighting with the BTO here.

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