Thursday, 10 August 2017

Linacre Insects

I've had a couple of sessions down at Linacre this week looking at the insect life.

Butterflies were well represented with Red Admiral (6+ in the ringing area), Peacock (8 in the ringing area), Meadow Brown (2), Gatekeeper (2), Speckled Wood (1), Comma (2), Common Blue (1) and Large and Green-veined White.

Red Admiral

Hoverflies were also around with Volucella pellucens (a.k.a. Great Pied Hoverfly), Volucella inanis, Drone Flies (Eristalsis sp), Cheilosia illustrata , Leucozona glaucia, Marmalade Hoverfly and Myathropa florea (a.k.a. Batman Hoverfly due to the distinctive marking on the thorax).

Myathropa florea (male)

Dragon and Damselflies seen were: Common Blue Damselfly (dozens, including many pairs copulating), Blue-tailed Damselfly (2 males), Southern Hawker (1) and Brown Hawker (2).

Bees included: White-tailed, Red-tailed, Common Carder, Honey and Tree.

Cinnabar Moth caterpillars were seen as were 3 Yellow Shell moths.

Yellow Shell

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