Friday, 18 November 2016

Waxwing in Chesterfield

For the last few weeks there has been an increasing numbers of Waxwings being reported on Birdguides. There were a couple of reports in Derbyshire last week, and then, at the start of the week a report came through of 2 or 3 birds that were present in the Donkey Derby pub car park in Chesterfield. I had a drive down earlier in the week, without success, but today I returned, and managed to see 1 bird. Here are a few photos.


Year List update:
183: Waxwing


  1. I think I may have seen a flock (c.30 birds) in the Crooked Spire churchyard yesterday at about 3.30pm.(28th Nov.). I was too far away to be sure, but they were behaving as I might have expected them to-steadily working through trees as a party. Can't be anything like sure, though.
    Derek P.

    1. Quite possible Derek. There are still lots around the country. worth checking berry bushes in the area.