Monday, 11 July 2016

Linacre Nestboxes and Ducklings

There was no ringing this weekend due to wind and rain(!), so instead I popped down to Linacre to check the nestboxes. At this time of the year all the tit nests have finished, and, as part of the BTO's Nest Record Scheme,  we check to see how many of this year's birds have fledged successfully.

The good news is that all the Great Tits that we ringed (26) fledged from the boxes. The Pied Flycatchers (4) all fledged as well, and 99 of the 108 Blue Tits also fledged successfully. Hopefully, I'll be able to retrap some of the Tits over the winter, and who knows, perhaps see one of the Pied Flycatchers next year!

After checking the nestboxes I had a walk around the top and middle reservoirs to see what else was about. Great-crested Grebes are doing well this year, with 2 pairs both with chicks, a brood of 4 and 1. There were good numbers of Mallard about (50+), 1 juvenile Moorhen, 2 Coot broods (3 and 4), 5 Mandarin Duck broods (7, 3, 2, 4 and 2), and best of all, a Tufted Duck with 6 very young ducklings. This is the second brood of Tufted Ducks this year, following a brood of 9 back in June (see here).

Coot and chicks

Tufted Duck (female and 6 ducklings)

Tufted Duck duckling

No sign of the Shag today, but it was recorded on the 8th by Sheffield Bird Study Group, which means we've had at least one present for 9 months now! The last bird sightings of note were the singing Yellowhammer by the main entrance again, a Kingfisher on the middle reservoir, and singing Blackcap and Chiffchaff.

There weren't many insects/butterflies seen, as it was pretty grey and overcast, with several showers, but 3 Ringlets and 5 Meadow Browns did manage to flutter about!

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