Saturday, 9 April 2016

Linacre Peregrine!

I had a short, 1 hour trip to Linacre yesterday afternoon to see if the Shag was still around- it was. It was perched up on the branches on the lower reservoir again, and it sat nicely while I took a few photos. Unfortunately, the branch got in the way!


I spent a few minutes stood on the dam wall overlooking the middle reservoir watching a gorgeous Great-crested Grebe, and a female Grey Wagtail that was collecting nesting material. Whilst there, I also spotted a male Kestrel flying over the trees, and the suddenly a Peregrine Falcon appeared! It too was high over the woodlands and present for about 1 minute. I managed to  get a few quick photos. The first is the uncropped version, and the second is a heavily cropped version. This is only my 2nd record of Peregrine at Linacre- the first since October 2013.

Peregrine Falcon

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