Friday, 7 August 2015


When news of an adult, inland Sabine's Gull at Pennington Flash in Greater Manchester appeared on Birdguides earlier this week (see here), I'm afraid to say, my "twitching ears" pricked up, and I decided to drive across and see it. Not only is this species of gull a very attractive one, but it is also a "lifer" for me and one that is not easy to catch up with in the UK, unless you're willing to take a "pelagic" trip, i.e. go out on the sea for many hours, or sit on a high cliff in the South West for many hours staring at the sea!

So it was then, that I drove the 2 hours to Pennington Flash, and stood watching this superb bird, down to just 5m at times, as it fed and mooched  about on the lake in front of me. I took about 800 photos, but here are just five to give you some idea of how great a bird this is. The last photo, showing the amazing wing pattern, is my favourite, but I've also included one with a juvenile Black-headed Gull, to give some idea of scale, and a couple of standard "side on" shots. Enjoy!

Follow this link to find out more about this species.

Other birds seen on site included several Common Terns, the aforementioned Black-headed Gulls and at least 50 Common Swifts!!

Year List update:
155 - Sabine's Gull

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