Sunday, 14 June 2015

Linacre May WeBS Count

Today was the allocated date for this month's WeBS walk, so I set off this morning for a walk around all three of the reservoirs at Linacre.

The sun was shining when I set out, and, during the next 2 hours I recorded the following birds; Mallard (49; 41 adults and 8 ducklings), Tufted Duck (12 adults), Coot (6 adults and 1 chick), Moorhen (3 adults and 1 group of 3 very young chicks- my first record of 2015), Mandarin Duck (25 birds made up of 3 non breeding adults, 3 females with broods of 8, 5 and 6 ducklings), and Grey Wagtail (2 flying around the top reservoir). Unfortunately no Great-crested Grebes at all today. It looks as though both pairs have failed this year.

Female Mandarin and 8 young

Around the reservoirs, the woods were also full with young birds, with recently fledged Nuthatches, Great Tit and Blackcap seen and heard. I even managed to grab this quick photo of a young Blackcap, which was being fed, along with at least another 3 chicks, by a female bird.

Juvenile Blackcap

In addition, the male Whitethroat was still singing in the ringing area, a Skylark was also singing above the top reservoir, 6 Swifts were feeding over the dam bank and a Brown Hare was seen.

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