Monday, 29 June 2015

7 Birds!

I was back down at Linacre at 5.00 am on Saturday morning, for my first mist net ringing session there since the start of May. As you can seen from the blog title, the session was a very quiet one, with just 7 birds ringed, consisting of 3 Blackcaps (2 new and a re trap), 1 Chiffchaff ( a new bird that had been born this year), 2 Great Tits (1 retrap and 1 new juvenile bird), and 1 Blue Tit (another of this year's juveniles).

After the ringing session I stayed on for a couple of hours to look at the insects, and spotted a male Common Blue Butterfly, several Common Blue Damselflies,  a Meadow Brown, Red-tailed, White-tailed and Common Carder Bees, Drone Flies, Myathropea florea, (a species of hoverfly), a Bloodvein moth, a sheildbug and a species of Long-horned moth called Nemophora degeerella!


Nemophora degeerella

Myathropea florea

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