Sunday, 9 November 2014

Colour-ringed Turnstones

Back in February I wrote a post about some colour-ringed Turnstones that I'd seen in the harbour at Scarborough (see here).

Back in August I got a reply from the co-ordinator of the colour-ringing scheme with details of where and when the birds had been ringed. Both birds I reported had been ringed in the harbour at Scarborough that morning! They were last seen in the area on the 16th and 18th March respectively, and haven't been reported again ...yet.


Ringing recoveries from the BTO show that many of the Turnstones that winter in Britain are recovered in many different countries (see here for details). As those I saw were presumably over-wintering here, they could have come from much further north, possibly Iceland, Greenland or even Canada. They could possibly have wintered further south and have been on return migration. Hopefully, I'll get across this winter and find them again.

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