Monday, 19 May 2014

Better late than never

I've had a Starling nestbox on the side of my house for the last few years. It was first used by Starlings in 2012 (see here), but the chicks died before fledging due to some horrendous weather.

Anyway, this year there's been a male bird singing for what seems like months, without any sign of a nest. I last looked in the box on 4th May and found this:

4th May 2014
When I got back from work today, I saw a bird come out of the box, and though I'd have another check, just in case. Well, this is what I saw today.

19th May 2014
The bird sat tight, which hopefully means she's on eggs. This nestbox is registered with the BTO's Nest box Challenge scheme, so I'll enter the new details. All we need now is for the good weather to continue.

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