Sunday, 14 July 2013

Warbler ringing and a pulli tick

After a couple of weeks away from ringing I managed to get out this morning with the Group to the Avenue Washlands in Chesterfield. After a slow start, we ended the morning on 43 birds of  15 different species.

Out of the 43 birds, 23 were warblers, including many of this year's birds (3Js). Here are some pictures:

Willow Warbler
We also caught a Garden Warbler, but I missed the photo opportunity!
As well as the warblers we also caught a few of the resident birds namely: Robin (4 juveniles), Bullfinch ( 1 female), Goldfinch (1 male), Wren ( 2 juveniles), Blackbird (1 adult), Song Thrush (1 adult), Dunnock (1), Long-tailed, Blue and Great Tit.
On the way home we popped into Linacre, where Ray had located a Woodpigeon nest with one squab in it. It was too small to ring last week, so we went back today and I ringed it. A new pulli tick!
Woodpigeon squab
Not the world's most beautiful juvenile, but nevertheless, a new species and I can now begin to apply for a pulli endorsement on my ringing licence. One step nearer to becoming an independent ringer, but still lots to learn!!

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