Monday, 8 July 2013

Linacre Highlights

No ringing this weekend due to family commitments, but I did manage a walk around Linacre on Sunday morning, which resulted in a new breeding record and a new species of moth for the site.

First up was the breeding record. Whilst walking around the site I noticed a pair of Grey Wagtails with food in their mouths. I thought they must be feeding some fledged young, but then noticed them going into a hole in the dam wall! A quick check resulted in this photo:

Grey Wagtails
Although juvenile wagtails have been recorded every year, this is the first time I've found a nest and actually recorded breeding on site.
Next up is the new moth species. I spent about an hour around the ringing site trying to catch up with some of the flowers and insects that can be found there. Amongst others I spotted a Latticed Heath, a first for the site as far as I'm aware.
Latticed Heath
Whilst walking around the site I also recorded the following birds: Mallard (25 adults and 6 broods of ducklings totalling 43), Cormorant (2 white-fronted juveniles), Kingfisher (1 bird seen flying east down the valley with a fish in its beak), Tufted Duck (14 adults and 1 brood of 4 ducklings), Common Sandpiper (1 on the bottom reservoir), Grey Heron (1 on the middle reservoir), Great-crested Grebe (3 adults and 5 juveniles), Little Grebe (2 adults and a nest), Bullfinch (male and female birds) and  Little Owl (1 unringed adult bird perched by the nest - the male bird?).

The only butterflies seen on this visit were Meadow Brown, with approximately 12 seen on the dam banks.

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