Thursday, 2 May 2013

Whiethroat and butterflies

Had a visit to the Chesterfield Canal with school today and, as well as having a very good time looking at the narrow boats and enjoying the sunshine, I managed to add a new species to the Year List; Whitethroat. At least 4 individual birds were seen and heard along the stretch of canal. Lovely!
Here's a photo taken a few years ago at Carsington Water.


Whilst out and about I also managed to see three new species of butterfly: Brimstone (1 male), Orange Tip (1 male) and Speckled Wood (1).

Orange Tip
Popped up to Linacre in the evening to fill up the feeders and recorded a Bullfinch and a singing Whitethroat on the ringing site. The Whitethroat was especially good as it was my first record here this year and was also the first record in this area. It was singing around a very interesting looking area of brambles, so it could become a good record for the Nest Record Scheme - if I can track it down!

Year List:
120 - Whitethroat

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