Thursday, 16 May 2013

2nd Mandarin and first pulli of the year

After work tonight I went up to Linacre with David and Ray, my ringing trainer, to ring the second female Mandarin Duck.

Afterwards we drove across to Chesterfield to ring a brood of 4 Blackbirds, my first pulli of the year and my first ever Blackbird pulli. Here's a slightly out of focus picture!

Blackbird pulli

Below is a photo of a Blackbird's nest sent to me by a fellow nest recorder, Dominic, who's been following the blog. Thanks for the photo and for your interest and tips! It's very interesting to compare it to the Song Thrush nest in the last post.

Blackbird nest


  1. Thanks for the mention :) if you need any more pictures give me a shout always happy to help

  2. Pleasure mate. Will do. Likewise, if I find anything else this year I'll post them here.