Monday, 2 January 2012

Linacre -2nd January 2012

Wow, the first visit of the year to Linacre produced one of my most favourite birds and one that I haven't seen for a very long time - LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER!!!

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

This bird is one that has undergone massive declines in the UK and one that, although resident at Liancre, is seen very infrequently. The group has only recorded it 5 times in the last 3 years and my last sighting was back in March 2009! As you can imagine, therefore, I was very pleased to see him (it is a male because of the red cap) and even happier to get some photos and video. Now all I've got to do is find him again, and hopefully a female too!

This first visit also produced a super Raven flying over "croaking", (which I managed to see today), an immature female Goldeneye ( no sign of the male today, although he was reported yesterday),  as well as the usual woodland species. Waterbirds seen were: Mallard (127), Grey Heron (2), Mandarin Duck (27), Black-headed Gull (35), Moorhen ( just 2!), Coot (6), Pied Wagtail (1), Great-crested Grebe (1 ad) and Little Grebe (1).

The year list increased today with the following additions:

21 - Nuthatch
22 - Great Tit
23 - Coal Tit
24 - Wren
25 - Robin
26 - Dunnock
27 - Great Spotted Woodpecker
29 - Goldfinch
30 - Little Grebe
31 - Great-crested Grebe
32 - Pied Wagtail
33 - Tufted Duck
34 - Mandarin Duck
35 - Goldeneye
36 - RAVEN

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