Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Svennson for Christmas!

Hello everyone, hope you've all a great few days and got everything you wished for. This year, as always, I've gone for "practical" presents, because I'm not that excited by "things". Having said that I do love a new bird book and winter hat for birding!

As you know I've just started ringing and one of most important things to be able to do is age and sex birds correctly. In order to do this with a degree of confidence you need a copy of "the ringers' bible" - Identification Guide to European Passerines by Lars Svennson.


I know it doesn't look much, but this book has details of all european passerines or perching birds which includes over 200 species! Obviously I won't be able to learn them all at once, but then I don't expect to catch many Cretzschmar's Buntings or Bimaculated Larks in Chesterfield. Perhaps I'll concentrate on species such as Blue and Great Tit to start with!

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