Saturday, 26 March 2011

Garden News - 26th March 2011

When I arrived back from the moors this morning I was watching the Goldfinch, Chaffinch and Woodpigeons in the garden when I spotted these two lovely Bullfinch in the trees. They are annual visitors to the garden, usually in early spring and then again in late summer, so these birds' timimg was spot on. They flew down onto the patio to feed on some spilt sunflower hearts, but only stayed for a minute or two, before flying off over the trees. More records for the BTO's Garden Birdwatching Scheme.

Bullfinch (female on left)

Other news form the garden includes an update on the white Blackbird, first spotted at the end of last year.

"Mr White"

He is alive and well and was spotted mating with a "normal" female Blackbird last Wednesday. Let's see what happens if they manage to raise young this year.

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