Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Norwegian Black-headed Gull - Poolsbrook CP

After looking at the Parrot Crossbills this morning I drove across to Poolsbrook CP to see if there were any interesting gulls. Unfortunately, there weren't any other than the usual Great Black-backed (6), Lesser Black-backed (4), Herring (10) and Black-headed (c.100).

One bird, an adult Black-headed Gull, however, caught my eye, when I spotted a colour ring, J6HO (white on green).

BH Gull J6HO

A quick check on the internet (www.cr-birding.org ) showed that it was a Norwegian bird. Details of the bird were entered into the Norwegian Bird Ringing Scheme's website, and details came back that the bird had been ringed in Oslo, Norway, in April 2017 as an adult bird (3rd calendar year plus). See here for details. This was the first sighting of the bird since it was ringed.

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