Friday, 2 June 2017

RSPB Minsmere - A Final Visit

Today was our last day in Suffolk, so we had a final visit to RSPB Minsmere (thanks Jayne). It was 21 degrees, and the sun was shining when we arrived, and we went straight down to the pond by the Reception to check on the dragonflies. The most numerous by far was Four-spotted Chaser, with at least a dozen flying around and perching on the reeds.

Four-spotted Chaser

A male Broad-bodied Chaser was also present on the pond, along with one Southern Hawker, Large Red, Common Blue and Azure Damselflies.

Broad-bodied Chaser

Away from this pond, we also managed to spot another four species of odanata; namely Red-veined Darter, Variable Damselfly, Norfolk Hawker (my first record at this site) and Black-tailed Skimmer

The Red-veined Darter, a male, was my first ever confirmed record. Unfortunately, it was a brief view, and it flew away before I could get a photo. Here's a link for more information about this species. The Variable Damselfly, a female, and , again a "lifer", was seen by South Hide, and I managed to get this photo. Again, details about this species can be found here.

Variable Damselfly

The Norfolk Hawker, and the Black-tailed Skimmer, were also seen on the path by South Hide. 

As well as the dragon/damselflies, we also added 3 new species to the ornithological "year list". The first new species was Sandwich Tern, with several breeding pairs seen. Next up were two gull species; Caspian and Yellow-legged.

Caspian Gull

Yellow-legged Gull

Year List update:
167 - Sandwich Tern
168 - Yellow-legged Gull
169 - Caspian Gull

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