Sunday, 29 January 2017

Linacre Herring Gull - 29th January 2017

Herring Gull is a species that I very rarely see at Linacre. In fact, since I started recording the birds there in 2006, I've only had 3 previous records. I was very pleased therefore, when Luke and I picked one up, loafing on the top reservoir this morning. It decided to stay in the centre of the water, and was surprisingly wary, but I managed to get a record shot.

Herring Gull

When we arrived at 7.45am, it was dry, and bright, but only 1 degree. We walked around the bottom and middle reservoirs recording decent numbers of the common waterbirds: Mallard (76), Mandarin (24), Tufted Duck (23), Coot (7), Moorhen (6), Little Grebe (2), Great-crested Grebe (1 in breeding plumage), Cormorant (2), Kingfisher (1 - first 2017 record), Black-headed Gull (32) and Grey Wagtail (1). Unfortunately, when we got to the top reservoir, a heavy fog descended on the valley, meaning that we couldn't record the birds up there!

Top reservoir in fog!

We decided to walk back to the car, and spent a good twenty minutes watching, and trying to photograph, a group of c.15 Long-tailed Tits, 3 Treecreepers and at least 4 Goldcrests. Here's my best effort.


Year List update:
73 - Kingfisher

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