Sunday, 13 September 2015

Linacre WeBS- September 2015

There was an autumnal feel when I arrived at Linacre this morning, to carry out this month's WeBS walk. It was a cool 5 degrees and mist was hanging over the water.

Top reservoir

The count started well, as a Grey Heron was heard and seen flying over the site. Another, or the same one, was seen later fishing on the bottom reservoir. A flock of 7 Canada Geese that flew in and landed on the top reservoir, were the first record since 30th May. 4 Cormorants, (3 adults and 1 juvenile), was the highest count of the year so far. Other waterbirds recorded this morning included; Mallard (54), Tufted Duck (19), Moorhen (11; 6 adults and 5 juveniles), Coot (8; 4 adults and 4 juveniles), Grey Wagtail (3), Great-crested Grebe (1 winter plumaged bird), Little Grebe (1, my first Linacre record for 2015. and only the third Linacre record this year!!) and Kingfisher (1 bird seen and heard on the bottom reservoir).

Tufted Duck (male)

Mandarin Duck

The woodlands around the site were quite quiet, but I did find singing Robins, a nice mixed tit flock (Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tits), Blackbirds, Dunnocks, and a flock of Siskins around the top reservoir. There was also a small flock of Swallows (4) and House Martins (6), feeding over the top reservoir.

As I was leaving at about 9.15am, the sun had come out, and the temperature had risen to 11 degrees, so a few insects were starting to move, including a hunting Brown Hawker, and a Red Admiral butterfly, sunning itself in the car park.

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