Saturday, 17 January 2015

Great Grey Shrike - Beeley Moor

Great Grey Shrikes appear in Derbyshire most winters, and one has been reported on the Birdguides website since December, so I decided to go up to Beeley Moor this afternoon with Jayne to see if we could catch up with it.

As you can most likely tell from the blog title, we dropped lucky and managed to watch the bird hunting around fields by Sitches Plantation. It was a little too distant for any great photos, but I did manage to get a half decent record shot.

Great Grey Shrike

Whilst in the area I also managed to add another 2 species to the "year list"; Lapwing and Golden Plover, both of which were present in the area in good numbers (approx.200+).

Year List update:
57 – Great Grey Shrike
58 – Lapwing
59 – Golden Plover


  1. I'd love to see one of these, I remember there being one on Beeley Moor is 2012 or maybe 2013 but I never made it there to look for it... another chance to see one this year perhaps?!

  2. Hi Louise, Thanks for the comment. Definitely worth a look. This bird does seem to range widely between here and Beeley Triangle, so worth checking sightings on the DOS website or on Birdguides.