Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Empty Nest

Regular readers will know that I've been lucky enough to have  a pair of Starlings nesting in the nest box on the side of my house this year (see here). I've blogged a few times about their progress, including when I ringed the 4 chicks earlier in the month (see here and here).

I checked the nest on 17th June and this is what I found:

 On 20th June it was all quiet in the box, so I checked again, and this is what I found:

Empty nest
An empty nest box is the best possible outcome, so I was very pleased to see that all 4 birds had fledged. The results were added to the BTO's Nestbox Challenge scheme (see here). So far I haven't seen any of the birds in the garden, despite having 19 juveniles feeding on the meal worms this morning, but I'll post any information I get, if they're re-sighted anywhere.


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