Monday, 20 January 2014

Ringing Tick and Year List Update

Yesterday morning I was up and out with the Sorby Breck Ringing Group again. This time we helping out at a ringing demonstration at the National Trust's Longshaw Estate .

We set up at 7.00am and the first net round produced a very nice sight; an adult male Brambling. This was a first for me, and thanks to the generosity of the other ringers present, I got to ring it. Thanks everyone! No photos unfortunately, cause the ones I took were all rubbish and too poor to post! Have a look at this link to see just how nice a male Brambling is.

After this the weather started to deteriorate and we had the close the nets for a while. Luckily though, we reopened them after half an hour or so and managed to record 34 birds including 3 male Bullfinches, Great, Coal and Blue Tits, 1 Chaffinch,  a couple of  Blackbirds and a Great-spotted Woodpecker.

In the afternoon I went out to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my wife, daughter and her boyfriend, for some lunch and a walk.  We went down to the lake, where we saw a couple of  "year ticks"; Grey Heron and  Great-crested Grebe. The herons were back on their nests on the islands on the lake. They aren't breeding yet, but are back rebuilding the nests and preparing for the forthcoming breeding season. Here's a picture of the lake with the nests in it. Its well worth a visit later in the Spring, as the nest can be seen very well from public footpaths.

Heron nests at YSP

Year List update:
81 - Grey Heron
82 - Great-crested Grebe

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