Monday, 25 November 2013

Barn Owl Box Adoption

Back in 2005 Jayne adopted a nest box for me through the Adopt a Box scheme run by the Hawk and Owl Trust.

Yesterday I got my update for 2013, which showed that my box had been used by roosting Barn Owls, but that they hadn't managed to breed this year.

Here are the details for the previous years:

2005 - 3 Barn Owls fledged
2006 and 2007 - lost details - sorry!
2008 - 3 Barn Owls fledged
2009 - 6 Barn Owls fledged
2010 - 3 Barn Owls fledged
2011 - used by roosting Barn Owls
2012 - 2 Barn Owls fledged

According to the newsletter, which came with my update this year, 2013 was the worst year since 1958 for breeding Barn Owls, with a drop of 75% in the number of nests occupied and birds ringed.

So, if you're stuck for an Christmas present idea this year, why not think about adopting a box, and let's see if we have a better year in 2014?

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