Saturday, 17 August 2013

Menorcan Insects

As well as enjoying some nice birds in Menorca I also managed to spot a few insects too, including a very impressive adult male Scarlet Darter dragonfly.  The first few pictures were seen on the flowers in front of our apartment.


Common Blue Butterfly (female)

Painted Lady

We also spotted a few insects around Son Bou, some of which I can't identify.

Long-tailed Blue (I think!)

Scarlet Dater (male)
Shieldbug species; Graphosoma lineatum italicum!
These two photos were taken at Algendar Gorge, near Cala Galdana in the west of the island. Any ideas about the grasshopper?

Grasshopper species

Clouded Yellow (not too sharp)
The last photo shows a dragonfly species, that decided to spend a minute on my foot one day, whilst I was on the beach. I think it's a female  Red-veined Darter, due to the black line down its abdomen and the pale pterostigma with a black border. Unfortunately I can't see any yellow on the base of the hind wing though, so I can't be 100% sure. Any thoughts?
Red-veined Darter?

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