Monday, 1 October 2012

Nice recovery

Over the weekend we were ringing at Linacre when we caught 4 Coal Tits, including one that had already been ringed. When the records were checked it turned out that this was the third time it had been caught by the group, twice on Ramsley Moor where it was caught and ringed as a juvenile bird on 13th September this year and then retrapped on 15th September. When we caught it on Saturday 29th at Linacre it had moved approximately 5km as the Coal Tit flies.

According to the BTO's Migration Atlas Coal Tits tend not to move too far from their place of birth, so this bird could well have come from a nest in the local area and then dispersed away to spend the winter in a new area. Perhaps we will retrap it again over the winter or even as a breeding bird next year.

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