Sunday, 3 June 2012

First Linacre Mist Netting Session

Yesterday saw the first mist netting visit to Linacre for members of the Sorby Breck Ringing Group. 3 nets were set up and a total of 15 birds, all new, were caught and ringed.

This being the first trip since we set up this new site we didn't really know what to expect and the first bird ringed from the mist nets was a Coal Tit, followed closely by another 3!

Coal Tit

The next few rounds continued to produce some good birds: Dunnock, Blackbird, Long-tailed, Blue and Great Tit, but by far the most exciting were two male Garden Warblers. These were not only a ringing tick for me, but were the first site record for the year and also were the first time that I've recorded more than 1. Not the most exciting bird to look at, but an excellent record and I'm really looking forward to ringing the chicks later in the year.

Garden Warbler

As summer migrants, the two warblers were weighed and fat and muscle scores were taken.

Garden Warbler being weighed

Another new development for me today was my first experience of "primary moult" in some of the resident birds. This Great Tit is a good example with two of the primary feathers having been dropped, and new ones just coming through.

Great Tit

This happens in all birds at different times of the year when the old feathers have become worn and need replacing. Learning when it happens and how many times is all part of the fun of ringing!

Other birds seen on site today included 4 over flying Oystercatchers, which is a new record for the site, a singing Chiffchaff (hope to see you in the nets soon!) and this unfortunate male Chaffinch, which was caught in the nets, but wasn't ringed, due to the growths on its legs. See here for details about this condition.


The Year List moved on 1 today:

137 - Garden Warbler

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