Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bridlington and Hornsea Mere

Sunday 28th August saw a little sunshine in an otherwise pretty overcast bank holiday weekend, so the family and I decided to head off to the coast for a last smell of fresh sea air.

First stop was, as always, the crazy golf course on the north promenade of Bridlington's seafront. Again, as usual, I was well and truly beaten by my wife and daughter! Afterwards we walked down towards the harbour area passing dozens of  Black-headed Gulls and a few "commic" terns that were loafing on the beach. 3 Oystercatchers flew past, over the sea and  Starlings and House Sparrows were also flying around the area.

Arriving at the harbour we were surrounded by lots of Herring Gulls, both adult and juvenile.

Herring Gull

After a lovely day walking around the harbour, town and seafront we headed off to Hornsea Mere, where hundreds of Little Gulls had been reported roosting throughout August. Arriving at about 5.00pm, we parked in the main car park and started to look for the gulls. Unfortuntaely we were a little early and so we only saw 2 birds, which were both sleeping on the gangplanks by the boats. Both birds appeared to be moulting adults.

Little Gulls

Also present around the site were Swallows, House Martins, 2 Cormorants and dozens of Mallards.

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