Sunday, 10 July 2011

Linacre - 10th July 2011 Sandpipers Galore!!

A quiet walk this morning with the highlight being 2 Common Sandpipers that were flying around the middle reservoir. We had several sightings at the end of April, so these birds could be the same ones that have been around all summer. More likley though, is that these two are passage birds that have been attracted in by the abundance of mud available at the moment. Whatever the case, they are a great record and really nice to see. No photos of these birds, but here's one from earlier.

Common Sandpiper

Apart from these two birds, the reservoirs were pretty quiet with just Mallard (59), Tufted Duck (24), Little Grebe (2), Great-crested Grebe (1), Grey Wagtail (5), Swift (1), Mandarin (18), Coot (4) and Moorhen (5) recorded.

Maintenance work had begun on the middle reservoir, so here's an exciting photo of a building site!

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