Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lincolnshire - 24th February 2011

I always like to get at least one day's proper birdwatching in during the holidays, so I decided to go and explore a part of the world I rarely visit, namely North Lincolnshire, along the south side of the River Humber.

First stop of the day was Barton upon Humber Gravel Pits. A pair of Long-tailed Ducks had been reported here, but despite a good hour's searching I couldn't locate either bird! Instead I managed to get a few "year ticks" with half a dozen Gadwall, a couple of Shoveler, approximately 40 Pochard and a fly-by Kingfisher. Also present on the banks of the river were Oystercatcher, 30+ Curlew and Shelduck.

Next stop was the cement works at South Ferriby, about 5 miles to the west and again on the banks of the River Humber. A juvenile Rough-legged Buzzard has spent the winter in this area and, for some reason, likes this particular patch of land. Presumably a good supply of voles is more important to it than beautiful scenery! Anyway, as is normal with this species, the bird spends alot of time sitting on the floor and today was no exception. It was eventually located about 800m away from the road, sat on the floor preening. Despite my best efforts I couldn't get a decent photo, but here is a link so you can see other people's efforts. My first "lifer" of 2011!!! As well as this great bird, I also managed to pick up 3 Marsh Harrier, including a pair displaying, 100+ Canada Geese and about 50 Pink-footed Geese feeding on Read's Island.

My final destination today was another spot, again, only about 5 miles away, called Worlaby Carr. It has become quite well  known in the birding world recently as an excellent spot to see and photograph Short-eared Owl, during the winter months. I arrived at 3pm and 4 birds were already flying around hunting. I dropped lucky and managed to photograph one sat on a post. Although some distance away, it is possible to make out its near horizontal stance and whiteish plumage. A great bird and wonderful "year tick"!

                                                                      Short-eared Owl

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